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  • Fled Cast:
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    - Charles Piper
    Stephen Baldwin - Mark Dodge
    Will Patton - Det. Matthew 'Gib' Gibson
    Robert John Burke - U.S. Marshal Pat Schiller

    Fled Quotes:

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    ???: It was your idea to run in the first place.

    ???: When people starting shooting at me, I run!


    ???: So what you don't like white people now huh?

    ???: No, I just don't like you.


    ???: What are you doing chained to that white boy?

    ???: I've been asking myself the same question all day.


    ???: You're so stupid, you don't know you stole 25 million dollars from the Cuban mafia?


    ???: Did you lie to each other before you went to jail?

    ???: No.

    ???: You became friends inside?

    ???: No, no, hell no.

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