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    - The Man With No Name (Monco)
    Lee Van Cleef - Colonel Douglas Mortimer
    Gian Maria Volonté - El Indio
    Mara Krupp - Mary

    For A Few Dollars More Quotes:

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    Mortimer: As you're aware, when two hunters go after the same prey, they usually end up shooting each other in the back, and we don't want to shoot each other in the back.

    Manco: Then the Colonel dies, hmmm?

    Mortimer: (laughs) "alright.


    Man With No Name: 16...17...22...22? (Gun Blast!) 27!

    Mortimer: Any trouble boy?

    Man With No Name: No old man. Thought I was having trouble with my adding, it's all right now.


    Mortimer: My boy, you've become rich.

    Manco: You mean we've become rich old man.

    Mortimer: No it's all for you. I think you deserve it.

    Manco: What about our partnership?

    Mortimer: Maybe next time.


    Gian Maria Volonte as Indio: Where are you going?

    Man With No Name: Well, if there's gonna be any shooting...I gotta get my rest." 


    Mortimer: Boy, I've reached almost 50 years of age with my system. Not many men last long in these parts. How long do you expect to last?

    Manco: Much longer than that. When I get my hands on Indio and that $10,000 dollars, I'm gonna buy myself a little place, possibly retire.

    Mortimer: Yeah, well I don't believe we ought to start another fight, but you forget one small detail.

    Manco: What's that?

    Mortimer: I'm gonna get my hands on Indio too.

    Manco: After Me.

    Mortimer: Or before you.....or at the same time.

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