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  • Galaxy Quest Cast:
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    - Jason Nesmith/Commander Peter Quincey Taggart, Ship Captain
    Sigourney Weaver - Gwen DeMarco/Lt. Madison
    Alan Rickman - Alexander 'Alex' Dane/Dr. Lazarus
    Tony Shalhoub - Fred Kwan/Tech. Sgt. Chen/Fred's Look-a-like from Sarris

    Galaxy Quest Quotes:

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    Thermian: You will saaave us!


    Thermian: You are our last hope.


    Commander Taggart: Never give up, never surrender.


    Commander Taggart: It's a rock, it doesn't have any vulnerable spots.


    Tim Allen as Jason Nesmith/Commander Peter Quincy Taggert: Whoo! Your commander is on deck.

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