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  • Half Baked Cast:
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    - Thurgood Jenkins/Sir Smoke-a-lot
    Guillermo Díaz - Scarface
    Jim Breuer - Brian
    Harland Williams - Kenny Davis

    Half Baked Quotes:

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    Kenny: No. NO. NO!


    Scarface: Because I bought a dog, g.

    Thurgood: You bought a dog? For how much?

    Scarface: Oh it's cool, yo, he's used. Including the house it was only two fifty, yo.


    Thurgood: What, did you go to weed college?


    Brian: First of all, to understand what happened to Killer, you gotta *understand* who Killer the dog was. Now Killer was born to a three-legged bitch of a mother and he was always ashamed of this, man. And right after that, he's adopted by this man, he's a small time gun-runner and dog fight promoter. So next thing you know, he puts Killer in training, and he is good! He is damn good! But then, he had the fight of his life ... pitted up against his own brother, Nibbles. And Killer said, 'no man, that's my brother! I can't fight Nibbles!'. But he was forced to fight anyway and Killer won, and killed Nibbles. And Killer said, 'That's it.'. And he called off all of his fights and he started doing crack and he wigged out. Then in a rage, he collapsed, his heart no longer beating.


    Brian: For $400 I got Jerry Garcia in a pouch, man!

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