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  • Happy Gilmore Cast:
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    - Happy Gilmore
    Christopher McDonald - Shooter McGavin
    Julie Bowen - Virginia Venit
    Frances Bay - Grandma Gilmore

    Happy Gilmore Quotes:

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    Happy: Haha...send him home. I just send him home. Time to go home there, ball. (putts) Son of a bitch ball! Why didn't you just go HOME! ARE YOU TOO GOOD FOR YOUR HOME?! ANSWER ME!!


    Happy: (Spouts off expletives on TV and the censor beeps constantly)


    Happy: Hey, if I saw myself in clothes like those, I'd have to kick my own ass.


    Happy: Hey, ah..a..ah, what are you doin' out here, you wanna get some food?

    Virginia: Oh, no, thanks. I don't date golfers.

    Happy: Oh good, 'cuz I'm a hockey player.

    Virginia: Just..ah..behave, okay?


    Happy: Well, I'm outta here! I hear that Asteroids machine calling my name from the gameroom, so Peace!

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