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  • Holy Man Cast:
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    - G
    Jeff Goldblum - Ricky Hayman
    Kelly Preston - Kate Newell
    Robert Loggia - McBainbridge

    Holy Man Quotes:

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    G: I love a woman that carries wetwipes. Premium moist towelettes is my favorite


    Jeff Goldblum as Ricky Hayman: It's pretty obvious that a raise is kinda of ah, kinda in order.


    Robert Loggia as John McBainbridge: Based on what you just said, I think it's pretty obvious that a brainscan is in order


    Eddie Murphy as G: That's not how it was suppose to be. I promise you that was not the plan and I think it's time some things change around here. Don't you?


    John McBainbridge: My door is always open.

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