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  • Hope Floats Cast:
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    - Birdee Pruitt
    Harry Connick Jr. - Justin Matisse
    Gena Rowlands - Ramona Calvert
    Mae Whitman - Bernice Pruitt

    Hope Floats Quotes:

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    Justin: I'll see you around. That's whats great about a small town.


    Gena Rowlands as Ramona Calvert: Birdee, you been drinking?

    Sandra Bullock as Birdee Pruitt: No, I have not.

    Ramona: You mean this is you stone sober?


    Justin: You look terrible. Been drinking huh?

    Birdee: Why does everybody keep asking me if I've been drinking? What is there, like a coaster stuck butt or something?


    Mae Whitman as Bernice Pruitt: Back home, we had a pet skunk. Mom called it Justin Matisse, do you think that's a coincidence? All day long, mom would scream 'You stink Justin Matisse!' Finally, she just picked up a club and killed it.


    Justin: Why don't you go down and get dressed, you'll feel better?" You gotta feel depressed looking like that.

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