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    ???: What's going on?

    ???: We got a bad program.

    ???: We always have bad programs.


    ???: What are you doing here?

    Killjoy: Just spreading the good word and trying to save my ass.


    Jason: Ah, congratulations ladies, you are now bonafide pirates.


    Jason: Did you see anything out there?

    John Matuszak as Killjoy: No, what? What happened?

    Jason: Ship just got herpes.


    Robert Urick as Jason: Buford?

    ???: Yeah, I've just rebuilt him.

    Jason: Ah, looks good.

    ???: His motor system is .01 milliseconds faster than the finest omega built.

    Jason: I don't ah, mean anything by this, but is there any particuluar reason why he's black?

    ???: Sure, I wanted him to be perfect.

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