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  • In the Line of Fire Cast:
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    - Secret Service Agent Frank Horrigan
    John Malkovich - Mitch Leary/John Booth/James Carney
    Rene Russo - Secret Service Agent Lilly Raines
    Dylan McDermott - Secret Service Agent Al D'Andrea

    In the Line of Fire Quotes:

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    Frank: Damnit Jack will you get a straight answer, or I'm gonna have my partner there shoot off his foot.


    Frank: If she looks back, that means she's interested. Come on now, give me a little look, a little glance back. Give me that smug look and be on your way.


    Lilly: What makes you think he'll call again?

    Frank: Oh he'll call again...he's got panache.

    Lilly: Panache?

    Frank: Yeah it means flamboyance.

    Lilly: I know what it means.

    Frank: Really. I had to look it up.


    Rene Russo as Lilly Raines: What are looking at?

    Frank: I was just wondering where you hide your fire-arm. Don't tell me, let me guess." 


    Frank: What do see when you're in the dark, and the demons come." 

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