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  • Kiss the Girls Cast:
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    - Dr. Alex Cross
    Ashley Judd - Dr. Kate McTiernan
    Cary Elwes - Detective Nick Ruskin
    Alex McArthur - Detective Davey Sikes

    Kiss the Girls Quotes:

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    Alex: Tell me what truth is.

    Casanova: Truth is looking at a beautiful woman, like our Kate here, and saying to yourself, 'I gotta have that, I gotta break her down'. It's your basest animal self.


    Alex: An environment fit for blending. For you, a security nightmare, for him....paradise.


    Alex: Killing's not his ulterior motive. This guy's a collector.


    Casanova: Kiss me.


    Cary Elwes as Nick Ruskin: Killer left a note for us at the second murder scene, signed it Casanova.

    Morgan Freeman as Alex Cross: Casanova? A great lover.

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