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  • Leprechaun 3 Cast:
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    - Leprechaun
    John Gatins - Scott McCoy
    Lee Armstrong - Tammy Larsen
    John DeMita - Fazio

    Leprechaun 3 Quotes:

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    The Leprechaun: (To Elvis music) "Vegas! My kinda town!


    Tammy: Let me go you son of a bitch!" 

    The Leprechaun: Now thats no way to speak about me mother. Bless her green soul." 


    The Leprechaun: Ahhh. Lovely golden palaces, completely full of riches. I'll rip em off and rob em blind, those dirty sons of bitches!" 


    The Leprechaun: There was an old man of Madras, whose balls were made of fine brass. So, in stormy weather, they both clanged together, and sparks flew out of his ass!" 


    The Leprechaun: Your boobs are big, your butt is small, but still you're in for quite a fall!

    Caroline Williams as Loretta: What are you talking about?" 

    The Leprechaun: Oh. Well didn't ya hear? Bigger is good, but jumbo is dear. I'll give ya boobs that come out to here!" 

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