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  • Leprechaun 4: In Space Cast:
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    - Leprechaun
    Brent Jasmer - Staff Sergeant Brooks Malloy
    Jessica Collins - Dr. Tina Reeves
    Tim Colceri - Master Sergeant Metal Head Hooker

    Leprechaun 4: In Space Quotes:

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    The Leprechaun: I'm magnificent!" 


    Guy Siner as Dr. Mittenhand: I am no longer Mittenhand. I am now MittenSPIIIIDAHHHH!


    The Leprechaun: Hold that for me will ya lad!" 


    The Leprechaun: (while strangling Delores) "Now I get the impression you don't like me. Ah now don't bother to deny it, you really don't like me do ya? Auugh, first dates are always the hardest!" 


    The Leprechaun: Let that be a lesson to ya lad, always wear a prophylactic!" 

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