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  • Lethal Weapon 2 Cast:
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    - Detective Sergeant Martin Riggs
    Danny Glover - Detective Sergeant Roger Murtaugh
    Joe Pesci - Leo Getz
    Joss Ackland - Arjen 'Aryan' Rudd

    Lethal Weapon 2 Quotes:

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    Riggs: Goddammit, you were supposed to come on three! Where were you?

    Murtaugh: I thought you meant one, two, three, then go!

    Riggs: No, no, on three! We always go on three!


    Murtaugh: I'll take two of 'em out, you take one ... better yet, you take two, I'll take one.


    Leo: Ok, ok, ok.


    Murtaugh: Just wait and see, cops never let up! You know! I'll have rubbers on my desk, rubbers in the mail, rubbers in my coffee, rubbers rubbers rubber... If you had only kept your mouth shut!


    Riggs: I dislocated my shoulder one time and I can just do it whenever I want to, now.

    Officer: Well, goddamn, man, doesn't that hurt?

    Riggs: Yeah, it does. But not as much as when I put it back in.

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