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  • Lethal Weapon 3 Cast:
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    - Detective Sergeant Martin Riggs
    Danny Glover - Detective Sergeant Roger Murtaugh
    Joe Pesci - Leo Getz
    Rene Russo - Lorna Cole

    Lethal Weapon 3 Quotes:

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    Leo: With a telescope big enough to see Venus!

    Riggs: I guess all they saw was Uranus, huh?


    Bad Guy: Fuck you!

    Lorna: I don't think so.


    Leo: You and Riggs, you owe me two tires! Two new tires I want!

    Murtaugh: Why?

    Leo: Why? Because bullets aren't covered in normal road hazards, that's why! And I want those tires!


    Delores: Delores the Road Warrior is dead on your raggedy ass!


    Murtaugh: Word, Riggs!

    Riggs: Word Rog.

    Murtaugh: What are we talking about?

    Riggs: Word, four letters, starts with W, OR in the middle, D on the end. Word.

    Murtaugh: Oh, that word.

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