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  • Mimic Cast:
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    - Susan Tyler
    Jeremy Northam - Peter Mann
    Alexander Goodwin - Chuy
    Giancarlo Giannini - Manny

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    Susan: The new species to be our six-legged ally, in wiping out the roach population. We call it...the judas breed.


    F. Murray Abraham as Dr. Gates: Evolution has a way of....keeping things alive.


    Susan: We don't even know what the impact is of what we did.


    ???: You the bug lady right?

    ???: We're here to deal.


    Susan: We engineered them to be sterile adults. The judas' were not supposed to last past one generation.

    Jeremy Northam as Peter Mann: So what happened?

    Susan: The one I examined today was a baby. They were designed to die...they are breeding.

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