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  • Mission Impossible Cast:
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    - Ethan Hunt
    Jon Voight - Jim Phelps
    Emmanuelle Béart - Claire Phelps
    Henry Czerny - Eugene Kittridge

    Mission Impossible Quotes:

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    Kittridge: You can understand you're very upset.

    Ethan: Kitridge, you've never seen me very upset.


    Ving Rhames as Luther Stickell: I'm the flavor of the month.


    Kittridge: These guys are trained to be ghosts. We taught them to do it for christsakes!


    Henry Czerny as Eugene Kittridge: This tape will self-destruct in five seconds.


    Kittridge: Alright Hunt, enough is enough. You have bribed, cajoled and killed, and you have done it using loyalites on the inside. You want to shake hands with the devil, that's fine with me. I just want to make sure that you do it in hell!

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