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  • Multiplicity Cast:
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    - Doug Kinney
    Andie MacDowell - Laura Kinney
    Zack Duhame - Zack Kinney
    Katie Schlossberg - Jennifer Kinney

    Multiplicity Quotes:

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    Clone: When that woman wants something Doug, there is no stopping her!


    Clone: Doug, I'd like you to meet four.

    Doug Kenney: Where did he come from?

    Clone: We made a copy from two. "Ya know how sometimes when you make a copy of a copy, it's not quite as sharp as well, the original?


    Doug Kenney: What are you doing?

    Clone: I'm having a smoke, what does it look like?


    Doug Kenney: Is he safe with that razor.

    Clone: We take the blade out.

    Doug Kenney: Cute, I think.


    Doug Kenney: Nobody has sex with my wife, but me!

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