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  • My Cousin Vinny Cast:
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    - Vincent La Guardia Gambini (a.k.a Jerry Gallo/Jerry Callo/Vinny 'Bag of Doughnuts'))
    Ralph Macchio - William Robert 'Bill/Billy' Gambini
    Marisa Tomei - Mona Lisa 'Lise' Vito
    Mitchell Whitfield - Stanley Marcus 'Stan' Rothenstein

    My Cousin Vinny Quotes:

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    Vinny: Stan, you're in Ala-fuckin-bama. You killed a good-ol-boy. You come from New York! There is NO way, this is not going to trial.


    Court Baliff: All rise for his honor, Judge Chamberlain Haller. The court of Beecham County is now in session.


    Court Baliff: All rise as the judge leaves!


    Bill: We have an attorney in the family!

    Stan: Great! Who?

    Bill: My Cousin Vinny!


    Mona Lisa: I bet the Chinese food here is terrible!

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