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  • Nine Months Cast:
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    - Samuel 'Sam' Faulkner, M.D., P.C.
    Julianne Moore - Rebecca Taylor/Rebecca Faulkner
    Tom Arnold - Martin 'Marty' Dwyer
    Joan Cusack - Gail Fletcher Dwyer

    Nine Months Quotes:

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    Child: This sucks! It tastes like poo!


    Sam: Funny thing is, I was just thinking today, we haven't actually, ah, made love in over two months.

    Rebecca: Maybe we could fool around tonight.

    Sam: Check!


    Sam: To, stability.


    Dr. Kosevich: In Russia, I was Chief of Obstruction.

    Rebecca: Obstruction?

    Dr. Kosevich: Abstraction?

    Rebecca: Abstraction?

    Sam: Obstetrics, I think you mean.

    Dr. Kosevich: Yes, just one moment, is not obstruction, is obstetrics.


    Sean: You know, the female mantis, after she has sex with her mate, she eats him.

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