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  • Out of Sight Cast:
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    - John Michael 'Jack' Foley
    Jennifer Lopez - Karen Sisco
    Ving Rhames - Buddy Bragg
    Don Cheadle - Maurice 'Snoopy' Miller

    Out of Sight Quotes:

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    Jack: You wouldn't do that.

    Karen: Oh, Why not?

    Jack: Because, you're having too much fun.


    Ving Rhames as Buddy Bragg: You want to sit down and have cocktails with a woman who tried to shoot you.


    Luis Guzmán .... Chino: WOW! You are mean!


    George Clooney as Jack Foley: I'm saying she wasn't scared, that's all.

    Buddy: That's cause she had her hand on her gun the whole time waitin to make her move.


    Jennifer Lopez as Karen Sisco: I'm just gonna sit here, take it easy and wait for you to screw up.

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