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  • Payback Cast:
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    - Porter
    Gregg Henry - Val Resnick
    Maria Bello - Rosie
    David Paymer - Arthur Stegman

    Payback Quotes:

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    Porter: GSW...that's what the hospitals call it-gunshot wound. Doctor has to report it to the police. That makes it hard for guys in my line to get what I call quality healthcare.


    Porter: You'd think that after five months of lying on my back, I would have given up any idea of getting even. Just be a nice guy, call it a day.


    David Paymer as Arthur Stegman: Well, ah, he had like dark hair, blue eyes's like a real cro-magnon looking bastard.


    Porter: We made a deal -- if she'd stop hooking, I'd stop shooting people. Maybe we were both aiming a little high.


    Porter: I'm told your the man to see about expensive horizontal refreshment. I'm lookin for a girl named Rosie.

    Brian Heinberg as a Bartender: Prostitution is illegal and you're speaking Greek. Usually these matters are conducted with a more discretion.

    Porter: Be discreet now.

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