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    - Dave Garver
    Jessica Walter - Evelyn Draper
    Donna Mills - Tobie Williams
    John Larch - Sergeant McCallum

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    Dave: This is Dave Garver with a little verse, a little talk, and five hours of music to be very very nice to each other by.


    Jessica Walter as Evelyn Draper: Does he want his keys?

    Clint Eastwood as Dave Garver: Come on Evelyn

    Evelyn: Speak, come on. Good boy let's hear it, come on.

    Dave: C'mon on give me my keys. Come on give me the keys!

    Evelyn: (Laughs)

    Dave: Give me the keys God Dammit!

    Man: Having some trouble lady?

    Dave: Get lost!

    Evelyn: Yeah, get lost assholes!" 

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