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  • Running Scared Cast:
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    - Ray Hughes
    Billy Crystal - Danny Costanzo
    Steven Bauer - Frank
    Darlanne Fluegel - Anna Costanzo

    Running Scared Quotes:

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    Ray: Could he maybe be importing some cocaine?

    Danny: No, no, no -- that would be illegal.


    Danny: You like scars? I have alot of scars -- deep, emotional scars.


    Joe Pantoliano as Snake: Julio don't work for nobody. His boss had an accident, fell on a knife four times.

    Billy Crystal as Danny Costanzo: Oooh, those things do happen.


    Gregory Hines as Ray Hughes: Here's the situation: I have this gun here. I'm gonna to take the gun out and I am going to shoot a lot of holes in the door. If you are standing in front of the door, what can I tell ya? Some of the holes are gonna be in you. Ya catching my drift, Snake?

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