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  • The Fugitive Cast:
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    - Dr. Richard Kimble
    Tommy Lee Jones - Samuel Gerard
    Sela Ward - Helen Kimble
    Julianne Moore - Dr. Anne Eastman

    The Fugitive Quotes:

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    Gerard: The fugitive's name is Doctor Richard Kimball!


    Gerard: You know, I'm glad. I need the rest.


    L. Scott Caldwell as U.S. Marshal Erin Poole: Care to revise your statement, sir?

    Gerard: Do you want to change your bullshit story, sir?


    Gerard: What I want out of each and everyone of you is a hard target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area!


    Gerard: What are you doing?

    Tom Wood (II) as Noah Newman: I'm thinking.

    Gerard ...: Well, think me up a cup of coffee and a chocolate donut with some of those sprinkles on top will ya?

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