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  • The Golden Child Cast:
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    - The Golden Child
    Eddie Murphy - Chandler Jarrell
    Charles Dance - Sardo Numspa
    Charlotte Lewis - Kee Nang

    The Golden Child Quotes:

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    Chandler: The spirits just told me, that you should come up for a little while and have a drink, and wait for further instructions.


    Victor Wong (III) as The Old Man: Keep your thought as pure as the water.

    Chandler: Hey, this water ain't really that pure.

    Old Man: Neither are you!


    Chandler: Why'd you come in here? Didn't I tell you not to... I told you to stay in the car. Next time I tell you to do something, you do it! This is a man thing.


    Sardo: I could destroy you ... just like that.


    Chandler: KISS MY ASS!

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