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  • The Omega Code Cast:
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    - Gillen Lane
    Michael York - Stone Alexander
    Catherine Oxenberg - Cassandra Barashe
    Michael Ironside - Dominic

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    TV Reporter: Chairman Alexander continued to leave his mark as U.N. delegates approved his plan to create a world union modeled after his own 10 zone European power base. In return, Alexander delivered into their hands his miracle food and water formulas as well as a revolutionary new technology that neutralizes atomic weaponry.


    TV Reporter: The stock market leapt to new heights with Stone Alexander's proposal to create a unified global currency. He followed his announcement, by offering to donate his latest desalinization plants to struggling nations that would need help with jumpstarting their economies.


    Dr. Lane: And most amazingly, in the book of Daniel, an angel tells him to seal up the book until the end of days, but Rostenberg may have found the key to unlock it! See, he believed that the Bible was actually a holographic computer program! And that instead of two dimensions, it should be studied in three! If this could be achieved, the code could actually feed us prophecies of our coming future!


    Prophet #1: There is a war going on, between Angels of light and dark, over your soul, Dr. Lane.

    Dr. Lane: What are you talking about?

    Prophet #2: The Four Horses of the Apocalypse. They are the visions!

    Dr. Lane: No! They're not real! They're in here! (points to his head) Maybe you are too!

    Prophet #2: The truth is staring you in the face! All you need is the faith of a child to accept it!


    Scientist (In Russian): Amazing! Um, the final part of the code is missing.....As is the last page of his notes. The program still works but...

    Mystery man (in Russian): The two men from the alley. We must find them.

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