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  • The Road to Wellville Cast:
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    - Dr. John Harvey Kellogg
    Bridget Fonda - Eleanor Lightbody
    Matthew Broderick - William Lightbody
    John Cusack - Charles Ossining

    The Road to Wellville Quotes:

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    Dr. Kellogg: What is a sausage? A sausage is an indigestible balloon of decayed beef, riddled with tuberculosis! Eat it and die!


    Dr. Kellogg: Sex is the sewer drain of a healthy body, sir! Any use of the sexual act other than procreation, is a waste of vital energy!


    Dr. Kellogg: Masturbation is the silent killer of the night! The vilest sin of self-pollution!!


    Dr. Kellogg: Take Mr. Lightbody immediately to the yogurt room and give him fifteen gallons!

    Matthew Broderick as William Lightbody: Oh no, no, I can't eat 15 gallons of yogurt!

    Dr. Kellogg: Oh, it's not going in THAT end, Mr. Lightbody!


    Dr. Kellogg: I do not seek monetary reward, for I am called to a greater glory! Here at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, the spirits soar, the mind is educated, and the bowels...the bowels are born again!

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