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  • The Toy Cast:
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    - Jack Brown
    Jackie Gleason - Ulysses Simpson 'U.S.' Bates
    Ned Beatty - Sydney Morehouse
    Scott Schwartz - Eric Bates

    The Toy Quotes:

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    Jack: You think she's ready?

    Chauffeur: Ready for what?

    Jack: The black experience.


    U.S. Bates: He bought a black man.

    Fancy Bates: I wasn't aware that we sold them.


    Boxing Robot: Foul! Foul! Foul!


    U.S. Bates: We don't like our waitresses to have hairy lips.


    Mr. Morehouse: No. Answer's no. No now, no tomorrow, no next week, no next month, no next year.

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