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    Kevin Dillon - Tony Campbell
    Bill Nunn - Detective Jerry Guinn
    Michael Bowen - Earl Parkins

    True Crime Quotes:

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    Man: Why would I say I saw a gun if I didn't see a gun.

    Steve Everett: I don't know. Maybe you just like telling a story, or telling the police or the reporters something they didn't already have. Maybe you like telling the girls around the office, around the coffee machine, stuff like that.


    Steve Everett: The guy is not guilty.

    Dennis Leary as Bob Findley: Ah come on, will ya Steve.

    Steve Everett: Look this isn't a human interest side-bar, it's a cruci-fucking-fiction! Bob Findley ..."Yeah right.

    Steve Everett: What do you want, me to look up at the cross and say how's the weather up there?" 


    Alan Mann: How was she?

    Steve Everett: None of your damn business...not bad!

    Alan Mann: Lucky bastard. I always like her and respected her. Hey - did I ever tell you about that assistant D.A. I was banging in New York?

    Steve Everett: No and if you start to tell me now I'm gonna come across that desk and rip your throat out with my bare hands." 


    Steve Everett: How could you have seen over the potato chips?" 


    Clint Eastwood as Steve Everett: No I got to talk to ya...this is...

    Frances Fisher (I) as Cecilia Nussbaum: Not now, call my office.

    Steve Everett: This is important, it really is.

    Colman Domingo as Wally Cartwright: Look will you please just back up.

    Steve Everett: Hey - back off will ya! What are you a court attorney or something? Go ahead and hit a reporter and see how long you keep your god damn job.

    Cecilia Nussbaum: Would you get in the car Wally.

    Steve Everett: Yeah why don't you get in the car Wally.

    Wally: New York asshole." 

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