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Online Movie Rentals

Online DVD Rental

Funwavs has looked at several services offering Online Movie Rentals. Online DVD Rentals are fast and convenient and are quickly becoming very popular. You can rent movies online from Netflix or a few other sites that deliver your movies free of charge for a monthly fee. You never get late fees with these online rental services which saves ME a LOT of money on late fees.


New to the online movie rental is Blockbuster Video! Your favorite neighborhood movie store has come up with an offer that will compete with Netflix. You can get any movie you want and rent it for as long as you want with no Late FEES!! Now you can try it for free. Click Here to try Blockbuster Online For FREE!


Netflix offers a wide selection of movies for $17.99 a month. They are currently offering a Free Trial which is a great deal. Try it even if you think you might go with another service as - IT'S A FREE TRIAL. I have found Netflix to have excellent turn around time with 1 day delivery. Netflix also allows you to have 3 DVD's out at one time. Click here to Try Netflix Free

Walmart DVD Rental

Walmart DVD Rentals just started competing with Netflix in this area, and are doing a good job. They have name recognition and offer lower monthly fees. With fewer distribution centers for now, I think that it won't be long before they rival Netflix. Click here Walmart's Free Trial!

DVD Avenue

DVD AVENUE DVD Avenue is worth checking out with a decent service at a price comparable to Netflix. I haven't tried it, but have heard good things about them. They have a large adult ( a friend told me ;) ) section if you are into that. DVD Avenue is definitely worth a look. Click here to go to DVD Avenue

My recomendation is to try Netflixs Free Trial and decide for yourself!

Online Movie Rentals

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